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Agricultural commodity market outlook


The AGRITRADE action collaborates with DG AGRI in preparing the yearly market baseline employing different ex-ante model approaches. Furthermore, it organises once a year a workshop on "Commodity Market Development in Europe - Outlook".


Ongoing changes in agricultural policies and the world economy make reliable projections and scenario analyses increasingly important for market actors and policy makers. However, delivering precise projections is a task that gets more and more demanding, as agricultural markets seem to become more volatile than during the last decades, i.e. each year new challenges in preparing a commodity outlook arise, the baseline exercise is getting more complex and the outlook comprises more uncertainties.

DG AGRI publishes yearly an outlook for agricultural commodities (cereals, oilseeds, meat, dairy products and sugar) in the EU-27 over an eight year period, based on specific assumptions on agricultural and trade policies and the macro-economic environment. The AGRITRADE action supports these procedures with its tools AGLINK, CAPRI and ESIM.

The AGRITRADE action provides with its yearly workshops a forum to discuss recent and forecasted market developments, to outline the reasons behind observed and prospected developments, and to draw conclusions on the short/medium term perspectives of European agricultural markets in the context of world market developments.


The DG AGRI market outlook is available on the DG AGRI website:



The AGRITRADE action has organised the following workshops on European agricultural markets:

Commodity Market Development in Europe – Outlook. October 2011 Workshop Proceedings

Commodity Market Development in Europe – Outlook, Proceedings of the October 2010 Workshop

Commodity Market Development in Europe – Outlook, Proceedings of the November 2009 Workshop



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