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Modelling of Energy-Crops in Agricultural Sector Models

  • To provide a detailed overview on existing modelling approaches and model estimates concerning the production of energy-crops in agriculture.
  • To propose feasible approaches to include biofuels and biomass production into agricultural sector models maintained at JRC-IPTS (e.g. CAPRI, CAPSIM and AG-MEMOD).
  • To valuate these approaches by identifying their pros and cons and based on this draw recommendations for its future inclusion in agricultural sector models.


1. Report 1 outlines the most relevant bioenergy technologies and the key aspects of the current status quo. Given the medium-term horizon of the envisaged modelling applications, the focus is on first-generation energy crops. A review of policies at EU and Member State level completes this background, but leads into a multitude of diverse policy fields (CAP, regional policy, energy policy) with important parameters set at national level.

2. Report 2 adds a comparative assessment on various methodological issues to be decided for implementation of biofuels in IPTS monitored agricultural modelling systems. It builds upon the following methodological challenges when modelling bioenergy: databases, calibration, and links between agricultural and non-agricultural modelling systems


Impacts of the EU biofuel target on agricultural markets and land use: a comparative modelling assessment


Modelling of Energy-Crops in Agricultural Sector Models - A Review of Existing Methodologies


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