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Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
EU agricultural trade relations with Asian countries

Analysing the implications of EU trade liberalization with the ASEAN countries, India and South Korea focusing on the agri-food sector.


The study should provide a detailed analysis of the agricultural trade agreements already in place as well as an accurate investigation on the perspectives for future negotiations with the above mentioned countries. The objectives in detail are:

  1. To analyse existing bilateral agreements signed between the EU and ASEAN/India/South Korea;
  2. To examine the agricultural trade* flows and trade policies (import tariffs, quotas, export subsidies) established between the EU27 and the countries referred above as well as other main partners (like US, Australia, New Zealand, China);
  3. To assess the likely outcome of a FTA between the above countries and the European Union.   

The quantitative analysis will be based on a modelling tool to assess the effect of potential bilateral liberalization process. In this purpose, a CGE model (namely GLOBE) will be employed to evaluate the implications of the EU FTA with the Asian countries simulating various agri-trade liberalisation scenarios.

*   The term agricultural here is meant according to the WTO definition (Annex 1 of

     the Agreement on Agriculture).


EU Agricultural Trade Relations with Asian Countries


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