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Euro-Mediterranean agricultural trade liberalisation


JRC-IPTS restarted the activities in the area of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership with the aim to build up research and expert capacity to follow-up on project results in the area of international agricultural trade.


The European Commission supports through the 6th Research Framework Programme and particularly the activity “Scientific Support to Policies", several research projects aiming to provide the necessary policy tools to the Commission services, in order to assess regional and multilateral trade integration.

To allow for the exchange of information between these projects and to meet the requirements of policy makers, there is a need to follow up EU-funded research projects, ensuring policy relevant scenarios and results.

As a first step, JRC-IPTS organised jointly with DG RTD and DG AGRI a workshop , which aimed at providing scientific support in particular to DG AGRI and opened a discussion forum for related Commission services.

Proceedings of the “Workshop on Euro-Med Association Agreements - Regional Impacts in the EU”, held 14 February 2006 in Brussels


The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

EU-funded projects (Scientific Support to Policy)

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