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Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
Tool for flexible management, extension and integration of (model) databases


The study aims at providing a software tool, which allows flexible management of databases, including data-validation, -analysis and -transformation.


The AGRITRADE action has built up a modelling platform for agricultural policy analysis, containing a variety of quantitative economic models. Model databases are stored in unique file formats, and follow specific classification schemes. Additionally, AGRITRADE uses several databases for ad-hoc studies, mainly obtained from the most prominent data-providers (EUROSTAT, FAOSTAT, USDA PS&D, OECD, GTAP Consortium etc.). These databases also follow specific classification schemes and can be downloaded in unique formats.

The multitude of file formats and classification schemes creates severe obstacles for flexible data handling. It is also often needed to create data sets from existing ones tailored for a given research purpose. To be able to select the relevant data for the study at hand, it is crucial to compare the available time series. If certain time series of a database are perceived to be more reliable, than it is preferred to incorporate them into other databases.


Potentials of a Harmonised Database for Agricultural Market Modelling



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