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Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
Construction of Social Accounting Matrices for EU27 with a Disaggregated Agricultural Sector (AgroSAM)

To compile complete and consistent datasets in the form of Social Accounting Matrices (SAM) that allows in-depth analysis of the agricultural production and food processing sectors.


The objective of this project was to create a set of Social Accounting Matrices with a disaggregated agricultural sector for the 27 EU Member States by combining national Supply- and Use Tables with data from the agricultural sector, partial-equilibrium CAPRI model. The procedure can be divided into three stages: First, the compilation of consolidated macroeconomic indicators for EU27. Second, the combination of different datasets from EuroStat into a set of Social Accounting Matrices with aggregated agricultural and food-industry sectors. Third, the disaggregation of these sectors based on CAPRI data. The methods applied for the balancing of the datasets at the three stages draw heavily on the concept of Cross Entropy estimation. The structural deviations of agricultural sector and economy-wide data created a need to specify in which cases comparatively large deviations from recorded agricultural data could be tolerated, and in which cases not. For this purpose, Cross Entropy procedures proved to be extremely useful. The finally estimated AgroSAM are a first step into the direction of creating a harmonized database for agricultural policy analysis within the Modelling Platform iMAP hosted at IPTS.


A set of 27 SAMs with disaggregated agricultural sector for all EU Member States for the year 2000.

The database has been delivered to the GTAP consortium and now creates the base for the EU Input-Output tables of the GTAP Database, since version 7.1.

The database is currently used within IPTS for policy analysis simulations (e.g bioeconomics, CAP reform) and for descriptive analysis of the MS economies.


Construction of Social Accounting Matrices for EU27 with a Disaggregated Agricultural Sector (AgroSAM)


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