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The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on EU rural landscapes


The provision of public goods (including landscape services) in rural areas is recognized as one of the key topics for the future of agriculture and rural policy. The links between the rural landscapes and farming practices are complex. On the one hand, farming has contributed over the centuries to the creation of a rich diversity of habitats and landscapes. On the other hand, inappropriate agricultural practices and land use can had adverse effects on landscape and the ecosystem services they can provide. In turn, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) remains an important driver of landscape management due to its importance as a determinant of farming activities in the EU.

The research conducted at SUSTAG on this issue aims at analyzing how the CAP design and implementation have impacted the rural agricultural landscape.



This research is conducted in the framework of the FP7 CLAIM project (2012-2015):

Supporting the role of the Common agricultural policy in LAndscape valorisation: Improving the knowledge base of the contribution of landscape Management to the rural economy

The main objective of the CLAIM project is to provide the knowledge base to support an effective CAP policy design in the direction of improved landscape management, particularly providing insights into the ability of landscape to contribute to the production of added value for society in rural areas.



JRC report "The influence of the Common Agricultural Policy on agricultural landscapes"

Marianne Lefebvre

Maria Espinosa

Joint Research Centre