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LIFETECH - Life Sciences and Technologies in Health and Agro-Food
New issues in agricultural, food and bioenergy trade


AgFoodTrade is a project dealing with "New Issues in Agricultural, Food and Bioenergy Trade". The purpose is to build on existing knowledge, data, and modelling instruments to address issues of interest for international trade and trade negotiations.


The project adopts past research in international trade analysis and modelling to assess the consequences of trade negotiations and public policies on agricultural production, markets and trade. The program of work emphasizes issues that are often overlooked such as:

• the impact of demand from energy markets which affect agriculture;
• the demographic changes, which in some developing and transition countries modify the demand for food;
• the concentration of firms in many global markets, which could modify the expected size and distribution of gains from trade liberalization among stakeholders;
• the impact of trade liberalization on price volatility, and potential remedies;
• the growing importance of sanitary and technical measures and their potential impact on food security, health issues, and trade.

The AGRITRADE action is involved in the development of baselines and scenarios for the assessment of the preferential agreements and trade liberalisation and in the development of databases supporting CGE modelling as well as in the assessment of the impact of non-tariff barriers.




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