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GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) model

GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) is a global network of researchers and policy makers conducting quantitative analysis of international policy issues. GTAP's goal is to improve the quality of quantitative analysis of global economic issues within an economy-wide framework. Core support and advice for the Project come from a Consortium of international and national agencies from around the world. The European Commission is an active member in the GTAP Consortium.


GTAP has developed a CGE (Computable General Equilibrium) model known as the GTAP model together with a database which is used in different CGE models known as the GTAP data base. The standard GTAP Model is a static multi-region and multi-sector, computable general equilibrium model, with perfect competition and constant returns to scale. Bilateral trade is handled via the Armington assumption.

The number of regions and sectors depends on the version of the data base and the aggregation tailored in specific simulations. The data base 7 contains 57 commodities and 113 countries and regions. A region is considered a group of countries for which single information is still not available. The GTAP database has become very useful for its use in several CGE models by hundreds of models throughout the world.




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