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Most recent Publications

  • Reports and Conference Papers
    • Mueller M, Ferrari E. "An Inventory of Datasets for the Compilation of Regional Social Accounting Matrices for the EU". In Conference Proceedings: 14th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis. West Lafayette (USA): Purdue University; 2011. p. 1-32. JRC65667
    • Fellmann T, M`Barek R, Gay S. "Commodity Market Development in Europe ? Outlook. Proceedings of the November 2010 Workshop". EUR 24876 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2011. JRC65170
    • Gay S, Kavallari A, Blanco Fonseca M, Burrell A, Fellmann T, Helaine S, Henseler M, Himics M, M`Barek R. "Prospects for Agricultural Markets and Income in the EU 2010-2020" . In: Prospects for Agricultural Markets and Income in the EU 2010-2020. Brussels (Belgium): European Commission - DG Agriculture and Rural Development; 2010. p. 53-76. JRC62591
    • Gonzalez Mellado A, Helaine S, Rau M, Tothova M, authors Atkinson A, editor. "Non-tariff measures affecting agro-food trade between the EU and Africa Summary of a workshop" . EUR 24676 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2010. JRC62522
    • Koc A, Asci S, Alpas H, Giray F, Gay S. "Food Quality Assurance Schemes in Turkey". EUR 24672 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2011. JRC62492
    • Burrell A, Gay S, M`Barek R. "In the eye of the beholder opportunities and constraints of scientific policy analysis for agriculture". In: German Association of Agricultural Economists (GEWISOLA), 50st Annual Conference; 29 September 2010; Braunschweig. Schriften der Gesellschaft f?r Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus e.V. 46; 2011. p. 233-242. JRC6180
    • Van Leeuwen M, Salamon P, Fellmann T, Ko? A, B?l?k G, Tabeau A, Esposti R, Bonfiglio A, Lobianco A, Hanrahan K, authors Fellmann T, editor. "Potential impacts on agricultural commodity markets of an EU enlargement to Turkey". EUR 24772 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2011. JRC60663
    • Salamon P, Van Leeuwen M, Tabeau A, Ko? A, B?l?k G, Fellmann T. "Potential Impacts of a Turkish EU-membership on Agri-food Markets". LANDBAUFORSCHUNG VOLKENRODE 60 (4); 2010. p. 193-204. JRC60662
    • Fellmann T, Van Doorslaer B, M`Barek R, Gay S, editors. "Commodity Market Development in Europe - Outlook. Proceedings of the November 2009 Workshop". EUR 24546 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2010. JRC60425
    • Gonzalez Mellado A, Christoph I, Salamon P, Peter G, Weber S, Weible D. "Sinkende Schulmilchnachfrage in Deutschland. Woran kann es liegen". In Conference Proceedings: Schriften der Gesellschaft f?r Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues e.V.. Vol. Band 46. Gesellschaft f?r Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues e.V; 2011. p. 1-13. JRC60044
    • Jones W, Vavra P, Von Lampe M, Fournier A, Fulponi L, Giner C, Liapis P, Smith G, Tallard G, Taya S, Huang H, Schmidt C, Gay S, Pellow S, Elasri A, Gouarin G, Nenert C, Cameron C, Ilicic F, Sarris A, Cluff M, Matthey H, Abbassian A, Amrouk E, Arias P, Calpe C, Dewbre J, Fang C, Prakash A, Stigler M, Thoenes P, Traor? D, Khaira H, Vannuccini S, Lem A, Cerquilini C, Forzinetti B, Heine J, Milo M, Senfter B, Ashton R, Banti V, Baron P. "OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2010-2019 Highlights". In: OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2010-2019. OECD/FAO; 2010. JRC59684
    • Blanco Fonseca M, Burrell A, Gay S, Henseler M, Kavallari A, M`Barek R, Perez Dominguez I, Tonini A, authors Burrell A, editor. "Impacts of the EU Biofuel Target on Agricultural Markets and Land Use - A Comparative Modelling Assessment". EUR 24449 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2010. JRC58484
    • Ferrari E, Mueller M, Gonzalez Mellado A. "Using Macro Indicators for Consistent CGE Baseline Construction". In Conference Proceedings: "Trade for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth and Development". West Lafayette (USA): Center for Global Trade Analysis of Purdue University; 2010. JRC57508
    • Conforti P, Ferrari E, Sarris A. "Price Shocks, Structural Constraints and Policy Reactions in Tanzania and Malawi. A General Equilibrium Analysis" . In Conference Proceedings: XLVII Convegno di Studi "L`agricoltura oltre le crisi?.." Societá Italiana di Economia Agraria" (Sidea); 2010. p. 1-25. JRC56338

  • Books and Articles
    • Cardenete Flores M.; "Analisis comparativo de sectores clave desde una perspectiva regional a traves de matrices de contabilidad social: enfoques alternativos"; Revista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la Empresa 12; 2011. p. 39-64. JRC66776
    • Cansino J, Cardenete Flores M, Gonzalez-Limon J, Pablo-Romero M.; "Economic impacts of solar thermal electricity technology deployment on Andalusian productive activities: a CGE approach"; ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE ; 2011. p. 1-23. JRC66348
    • Henseler M.; "Agro-economic policy analysis with the regional production model ACRE : a case study for Baden-Wuerttemberg"; Thesis. Stuttgart (Germany): Institut f?r Landwirtschaftliche Betriebslehre der Universitat Hohenheim; 2011. JRC65292
    • M`Barek R, Bensted-Smith J, Piot-Lepetit I.; FOREWARD and PREFACE for the book "Methods to Analyse Agricultural Price Commodities":. In: Methods to Analyse Agricultural Price Commodities. New York (USA): Springer; 2011. p. v-vii. JRC63801
    • Sieber S, Perez Dominguez I. "Impact Assessment of Agri-food Policies in Europe: Methods, tools and applications.". JOURNAL OF POLICY MODELING 33 (1); 2011. p. 1-6. JRC63026
    • Piot Lepetit I. "Price volatility and price leadership in the EU beef and pork meat market". In: Isabelle Piot-Lepetit and Robert M`Barek, editor. Methods to analyse agricultural commodity price volatility. New York (USA): Springer Science + Business Media, LLC; 2011. p. 91-112. JRC62830
    • Giray F, Gay S. "Food Quality Assurance Schemes in the European Union: Approaches and Importance". ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS 116 (2); 2011. p. 249-260. JRC62617
    • Nzongang J, Kala Kamdjoug J, Piot-Lepetit I, Omenguele G, Nishimikijimana E.. "Efficience Technique des Institutions de Microfinance: Le Cas du Réseau des Mutuelles Communautaires de Croissance (MC2) au Cameroun" . Revue Sciences de Gestion (77); 2010. p. 93-110. JRC62361
    • Piot-Lepetit I. "The Impact of EU Common Agricultural Policy on Beef Production: A Dynamic Modelling of Producer's Behaviour" . In: Laura M. Contreras, editor. Agricultural Policies: New Developments. Hauppauge NY (USA): Nova Science Publishers, Inc.; 2011. p. 171-186. JRC61924
    • Ciaian P, Kancs D. "Interdependencies in the Energy-Bioenergy-Food Price Systems: A Cointegration Analysis". RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS 33 (1); 2011. p. 326?348. JRC60899
    • Louhichi K, Kanellopoulos A, Janssen S, Flichman G, Blanco Fonseca M, Hengsdijk H, Heckelei T, Berentsen P, Lansink A, Van Ittersum M. "FSSIM, a Bio-economic Farm Model for Simulating the Response of EU Farming Systems to Agricultural and Environmental Policies". AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS 103; 2010. p. 585-597. JRC60749
    • Kempen M, Witzke H, Perez Dominguez I, Torbjorn J, Sckokai P. "Economic and environmental impacts of milk quota reform in Europe" . JOURNAL OF POLICY MODELING 33 (1); 2011. p. 29-52. JRC60359
    • Wolf O, Perez Dominguez I, Rueda Cantuche J, Tukker A, Kleijn R, De Koning A, Bausch-Goldbohm S, Verheijden M. "Do healthy diets in Europe matter to the environment A quantitative analysis" . JOURNAL OF POLICY MODELING 33 (1); 2011. p. 8-28. JRC60224
    • Gonzalez Mellado A, Gay S, M`Barek R, Ferrari E. Barriere "Non Tariffarie al Commercio: l`Opinione degli Esportatori Agro-alimentari Africani". AGRIREGIONIEUROPA 6 (22); 2010. p. 12-15. JRC59922
    • M`Barek R, editor. "Methods to Analyse Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility". New York (USA): Springer Science+Business Media, LLC; 2011. JRC58849
    • Kavallari A, Gay S. "EU Biofuel Policies: What are the Effects on Agricultural Markets". In Conference Proceedings: Proceedings of the 18th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, ISBN: 978-88-89407-56-5. ETA Renewable Energies and WIP Renewable Energies; 2010. p. 2158-2168. JRC58488
    • Kavallari A, Maas S, Schmitz P. "Examining the Determinants of Olive Oil Demand in Nonproducing Countries: Evidence from Germany and the UK". Journal of Food Products Marketing 17 (2); 2011. p. 355-372. JRC58141
    • Louhichi K, Janssen S, Kanellopoulos A, Li H, Borkowski N, Flichman G, Hengsdijk H, Zander P, Blanco Fonseca M, Stokstad G, Athanasiadis I, Rizzoli A, Huber D, Heckelei T, Van Ittersum M. A generic Farming System Simulator. In: Brouwer, F.M., van Ittersum, M.K., editors. "Environmental and Agricultural Modelling: Integrated Approaches for Policy Impact Assessment". Dordrecht (The Netherlands): Springer; 2010. p. 109-132. JRC55289
    • Piot-Lepetit I. "Improving Performance and Manure Management in the French Pig Sector: A Three-stage Analysis". In: Carmen S. Dellaguardia, editor. Manure: Management, Uses and Environmental Impacts. Hauppauge NY (USA): Nova Science Publishers, Inc.; 2010. p. 115-139. JRC54997

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