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The Common Agricultural Policy Regionalised Impact – the Rural Development Dimension (CAPRI-RD) aims to develop and apply a Pan-European agro-economic model to analyse the regional impacts of EU agricultural policies with a focus on rural development.


The Common Agricultural Policy is under constant development to meet the expectations of society linked to the multifunctional model of European agriculture. Tools such as the “CAPRI” modelling system support rational policy design at European, national and regional level, help to link the European research community to policy makers, to inform the public regarding future developments in agriculture, and to analyze possible outcomes of changes in the Common Agricultural Policy. The CAPRI-RD project, under the VII Framework Programme, aims to extend and apply “CAPRI” for agricultural policy impact analysis with a focus on rural development.


The core objective of this project is the development of a Pan-European operational tool for regional and spatial policy impact analysis of the CAP with regard to Rural Development Indicators. The tool will be developed by extending and improving the regionalised partial equilibrium model for agriculture, CAPRI (Common Agricultural Policy Regionalised Impact model). Extension and improvement will relate to four aspects:

  • Expansion of CAPRI to all Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries
  • Extension of policy coverage to rural development measures using a linked layer of regional Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models
  • Systematic data base on rural development policies of the Common Agricultural Policy, linked to CAPRI and the regional CGEs
  • Development and integration of indicators relating to rural development
  • Regular reference run and scenario work in close co-operation with stakeholders


An improved operational up-to-date and validated CAPRI modeling system, extended by regional CGEs, for ex-ante analysis of both pillars of the CAP regarding the multi-functional role of agriculture.

A network of European researchers applying and maintaining CAPRI

Regular support of DG-AGRI in policy impact analysis, focusing on Rural Development.

Scientific findings regarding the design of large-scale agricultural modeling systems and in linking on a Europe wide scale partial and general equilibrium models.


CAPRI RD: the rural development dimension

Details on the CAPRI model:


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