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AGRILIFE- Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
SUSTAG - Sustainable Agriculture
Prospects of the farming sector and agricultural exports: The case of Turkey


The overall objective is to assess the current and future capacity of Turkish agriculture (including processing sector and trade infrastructure) to fulfil the domestic demand for foodstuff and its role in international markets.



Specific objectives:

Farming systems (including processing units) and agricultural production structures (e.g. agricultural area, soil fertility, investments (irrigation, mechanization)), the use of agricultural new techniques


Food production, consumption and surpluses:

The level of agricultural production (including processing sector) in quantity and value, the main forms of supply chain and importance in total marketed production, the level of domestic consumption, surpluses and the future trends.


Trade infrastructure (markets, road infrastructure, port facilities, collection points and storage facilities for agricultural products):

The credit markets and access to credit for farmers and trade operators investment level on a farming/ processing units, and the public policies to improve credit access for the sector operators (agriculture, processing, trade)

Governance and supporting policies in the field of agricultural production, processing and trading as well as global trading policies and their impact in fulfilling national foodstuff demand and creation of surpluses

To be released in January 2013


Fatmir Guri, Sergio Gomez y Paloma
Joint Research Centre