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Techno-economic analyses

Genetically modified crops: coexistence with conventional crops and socio-economic impacts for Europe

Coexistence allows farmers to choose between conventional, organic or genetically modified (GM) crop production, in compliance with the relevant EU legislation on labelling and/or purity standards. So far, EU experience with the commercial cultivation of GM crops and practical coexistence measures is limited to GM maize in some Member States. Previous research led by the IPTS helped develop tools allowing the estimation of adventitious admixture of GM and conventional crops in a given landscape. IPTS has also produced the first empirical analysis of the economic impacts of a GM crop adopted in European agriculture (Bt maize in Spain). Building on that experience, IPTS will extend its research to analysing the potential socio-economic impacts of the adoption of GM oilseed rape and GM maize in European agriculture.



European Coexistence Bureau (ECoB)


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