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Scenarios for co-existence of GM, conventional and organic crops in European agriculture


If genetically modified (GM) crops eventually increase their share in EU agriculture, adventitious presence of GM varieties in non-GM seeds and crops might become an issue. Therefore there is a need to find appropriate measures at the farm level to minimise adventitious presence of GM crops. The objectives of this study, covering three model crops, are to:

  • identify sources and estimate levels of adventitious presence of GM crops in non-GM crops at farm level,
  • identify and assess changes of farming practices that could reduce adventitious presence of GM crops in non-GM crops below policy-relevant thresholds,
estimate costs of relevant changes in farming practices, costs of monitoring systems and costs of potential insurance systems to cover possible financial losses due to adventitious presence of GM crops in non-GM crops.

If commercial production of genetically modified (GM) crops increase their share in European agriculture, the question arises as to whether adventitious presence of GM crops in organic or in conventional crops at farm and at regional level could significantly increase if current farming practices are maintained. For three different crops in specific EU farm type settings, levels of adventitious presence of GM crops are estimated and changes of farming practices to meet defined thresholds are identified and assessed. This is done with the help of computer models as well as expert scientific opinion. Costs of relevant changes of farming practices, of introducing and running a monitoring system and of potential insurance costs are also estimated.



Second International Conference on Co-existence between GM and non-GM based agricultural supply chains

Anne-Katrin Bock, Emilio Rodriguez Cerezo
EUROPEAN COMMISSION - DIRECTORATE GENERAL - Joint Research Centre IPTS Joint Research Centre