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New case studies on the co-existence of GM and non-GM crops in European agriculture

This study analyses the need and feasibility of changes in agricultural practices to ensure coexistence between GM and non-GM crop production in the EU.

The term coexistence refers to the ability of farmers to choose between conventional, organic or GM-based crop production, in compliance with the relevant EU legislation on labelling and/or purity standards. EU regulations have introduced a 0.9% labelling threshold for the adventitious presence of GM material in non-GM products. Since agriculture does not take place in a closed environment, suitable technical and organisational measures during cultivation, harvest, transport and storage may be necessary to ensure coexistence. Coexistence measures should make it possible for farmers growing non-GM crops to keep the adventitious presence of GM material in their harvest below the labelling thresholds established by Community law.



Second International Conference on Co-existence between GM and non-GM based agricultural supply chains

Coexistence, DG Agriculture

Emilio Rodriguez Cerezo, Manuel Gomez Barbero
EUROPEAN COMMISSION - DIRECTORATE GENERAL - Joint Research Centre IPTS Joint Research Centre