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Prospects of the farming sector and rural development in European Neighbourood Policy Countries: the case of Ukraine (ENP-Ukraine)


With the aim of contributing to European Neighbourhood Policy, the objective of this study is to identify the role of the farming sector and rural areas in view of food security in the short and medium run in Ukraine. More specifically, the aim is to analyse to what extent the transition process has contributed and is contributing to the development of farming sectors, rural households and agro-industries, focusing on social, economic and environmental sustainability, to examine drivers of agricultural and rural development, and to assess the extent to which changes, particularly within the farming sectors and rural areas, will affect food security in Ukraine and outside.


In order to evaluate the degree to which the farming sector and rural areas could contribute to increases in agricultural production and what way it will be produced, a critical assessment of the limiting factors in the frame of the economic, social and environmental sustainability is made. For this purpose the following factors and aspects are considered: farming sector (e.g. farm structure, farm efficiency and viability), rural households (income, employment, migration of rural population, public transfers etc.), agro-industries (storage, processing, delivery facilities etc.), infrastructure (road and port), institutional regulations (such as land privatisation, land market regulations, agricultural, agri-environmental and rural policies) and environmental aspects (e.g. land abandonment, pollution from fertilizers and pesticides, deforestation, soil degradation, water use, crop rotation). To get insight to these factors qualitative and quantitative analysis are used. The latter analysis focuses on the assessment of secondary historical data that is available at micro, regional and macro level, starting from the transition period in the early 1990's.


This research is undertaken in collaboration between the Centre for World Food Studies (SOW-VU, Amsterdam), the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Science in Ukraine (IEF –NASU, Ukraine) and The Institute of Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS, Seville).

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Sergio Gomez y Paloma, Andriy Kharchenko
Joint Research Centre