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Food Quality Schemes in the Candidate Countries: Turkey


On the initiative of the European Parliament and requested by DG Agri, the JRC-IPTS carried out a project on “Food quality assurance and certification schemes managed within an integrated supply-chain in the EU" in from 2004 to 2007.

Following the success of the above project, the IPTS decided to expand this research to Candidate Countries highlighting the specificity of the current FQAS in Turkey: benefits for actors in the food chain, possible harmonisation with EU strategies and the feasibility of directly adopting EU schemes. FQAS play an important role in the farm to fork chains creating both benefits and costs for stakeholders in the private and public sectors: farmers, traders, processors, retailers and consumers.


The objective of the project is to analyse quality assurance in the Turkish food sector and suggest policy relevant proposals for the EU accession process: (i) to introduce the current situation of food quality in Turkey and to study developments in the legal and policy frame of food quality during the accession period to the EU, (ii) to gather information in Turkey on food quality assurance and certification schemes (FQAS) and existing and/or potential interests to the EU food quality systems (PDO, PGI, TSG) and to analyse the potential Turkish food products competing in EU markets, (iii) to look into producers' know-how (farmers and food processors), perception, anticipation and participation in FQAS in Turkey, and (iv) to provide policy relevant recommendations.

For the purpose of this project, FQAS are defined as schemes implying a voluntary participation and enabling stakeholders involved in the food chain to claim that products or processes fulfil defined quality requirements.

The study was finished mid 2009.


Publication EUR 24672 EN

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