Institute for Prospective Technological Studies                                                                                                                                  University of Patras


Demonstration Workshop

"The use of a rural urban bi-regional model for the assessment of the rural development policy (Axis 3)"

Brussels, SDME 10/F

26 November, 2008, 9:30 – 16:30 h







 Opening and introduction of participants

 Tomas Ratinger (IPTS)


 Introduction of the background of the workshop, the research task, the choice of the "test" model

 and the links with the other AgriLife research activities concerning rural development

 Tomas Ratinger


 Introduction to the bi-regional CGE model

 Dimitrios Psaltopoulos (U Patras)


 Introduction to the Czech and Greek case study regions and their reflection in the model structure

 Eudokia Balamou (U Patras)


 Coffee break



 Implementation of policy measures and policy scenarios

 Dimitrios Psaltopoulos


 Presentation of results

 i) policy measure perspective

 ii) regional development perspective

 Eudokia Balamou/
  Dimitrios Psaltopoulos





 Discussion on the future development

 Introduced by

 Introduction to the discussion; summary of pros and cons of the demonstrated approach

 Tomas Ratinger

 Necessary developments/improvements to make the approach useful for policy making (ex ante

 policy assessment, medium term baseline)

 Tomas Ratinger

 Assumptions, robustness, sensitivity analysis

 Eudokia Balamou

 Regional level (NUTS3 or below?), case study regions and typology, data requirements

 Dimitrios Psaltopoulos

 Free discussion on future development of modelling instruments for the impact assessment of

 rural development policy measures (Axis 3)

 Tomas Ratinger