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Labelling of agricultural and food products of mountain farming (MOUNTAIN)


The main objective of the project is to provide a comprehensive description and socio-economic analysis of the food supply chains of products from mountain areas as well as an assessment of the current labelling schemes accessible for these products in the European Union. The results of the study will be used as a basis for policy reflections, which may lead to a possible legislative proposal (or absence of) introducing an optional quality term labelling of mountain products within the framework of the agricultural products quality policy.


Specific objectives:

- description and analysis of the supply chain for agricultural and food products in mountain areas (production, trade within and beyond mountain areas, prices, income, farm and industry structures);


- analysis of existing voluntary schemes available for mountain products: national schemes and other relevant ones (regional, GI, …), misuses;


- in-depth case studies of certain food supply chains for mountain products.


Final report

Executive Summary

DG AGRI news on Mountain labelling

Fabien Santini, Fatmir Guri, Sergio Gomez y Paloma
Joint Research Centre