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AGRILIFE- Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
SUSTAG - Sustainable Agriculture

The activities aim at supporting DG AGRI in assessing the impact of the CAP reform on (economic) sustainability at farm level, including (semi-) subsistence, in order to understand the distribution and characteristics of farming systems at regional level within New Member States, to identify the key drivers and to assess their contribution to meeting agricultural sustainability goals. The impact of the Single Farm Payment on farmers’ investment strategies, including both on- and off-farm activities, is also analysed.


Economic Viability of Smallholders in the Context of Rural Poverty Alleviation: the Case of Sierra Leone

Modelling policy impact at farm household/regional level in African agro-ecosystems (FSSIM-DEV)

Development of a Regionalised EU-wide Operational Model to Assess the Impact of Current Common Agricultural Policy on Farming Sustainability

Modelling the effect of the CAP on farm structural change

CAP Impact Analysis on Farm-Household Investment Behaviour

Prospects of the farming sector and rural development in European Neighbourood Policy countries: The case of Ukraine

Prospects of the farming sector and rural development in European Neighbourood Policy countries in view of food security: The case of the Russian Federation

Prospects of the farming sector and agricultural exports: The case of Turkey

Comparative Production Costs in different Farming Systems: Conventional vs. Input-saving system (PURE)



Structural Change and Competitiveness of Agriculture in an Enlarged Europe

Sustainable Farming Systems in the New Member States

Sustainability of Semi-Subsistence Farming systems in the New Member States and Acceding Countries

The Availability of Organically Reared Livestock in the EU



Sustainability of Agriculture in the Enlarged Europe under the Reformed CAP (September 2004)

Implementing the CAP reform in the New Member States: Impact on the Sustainability of Farming Systems (October 2005). Proceedings

Income and Factor Markets under the 2003 CAP Reform (June 2007)

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