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AGRILIFE- Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
SUSTAG - Sustainable Agriculture

The SUSTAG activities focus on the socio-economic dimension of the sustainable rural development in three themes under the Rural Development Research Programme: (i) indicators of sustainable rural development and typology of rural areas, (ii) modelling rural economies and the assessment of policy impacts, and (iii) institutions and governance of rural development.


d1Modelling Rural Economies (MoRE)

Facilitating an Area Based Development approach in rural regions of the Western Balkans

Feasibility study on the evaluation of Public Goods

Agricultural productivity and growth

 The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on EU rural landscapes (CLAIM)


Ex-ante Spatial Policy Impact Analysis of the Rural Development Regulations in European Rural Areas  (RURAL ECMOD)

dCommon Feature of Diverse European Rural Areas: Review of Approaches to Rural Typology

Building a Typology of European Rural Areas for the Spatial Impact Assessment of Policies (TERA-SIAP)

Modelling Impacts of Rural Development Policies - Exploratory phase: RURMOD-E

Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Conservation (SoCo) Project


JRC Workshop "Typology of Rural Areas": Seville, 4 May 2006

IAMO-Forum "Agriculture in the Face of Changing Markets, Institutions and Policies: Challenges and Strategies": Halle (Germany), 29 June - 1 July 2006:

Presentation "The Diversity of the Rural Development Priorities in Europe: Seeking a Common Perspective" (T. Ratinger and S.H. Gay)

Expert Workshop "Diversity of Rural Areas in the Enlarged EU: Characterisation, typology and modelling": Seville, 14-15 December 2006

International conference "Less Favoured Areas for Agriculture and Rural Areas": Jihlava (Czech Republic), 7-10 November 2007: Presentation "The impact of CAP on sustainable development of rural areas from the perspective of EU research" (T. Ratinger, F. Handan Giray, I. Perez Domínguez and A. Cristoiu)

Demonstration Workshop "The use of a rural urban bi-regional model for the assessment of the rural development policy (Axis 3) (RURMOD-E)": Brussels, 26 November 2008

Joint Research Centre