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Sustainable Farming Systems in the New Member States

The objectives of the study are: (i) to identify, describe and conduct a comparative analysis of sustainable farming systems in the new MSs, (ii) to identify key determinants of adoption, as well as the potential socio-economic and environmental impact of sustainable production practices in the new MSs, and (iii) to develop policy-relevant scenarios for assessing the socio-economic and environmental consequences of adopting sustainable farming practices. To provide appropriate policy recommendations.

In order to improve its knowledge on the agricultural sector in the new EU Member States (MS), and building on previous research developed within IPTS, an integrated and prospective analysis of the farming systems sustainability is needed.

The research will contribute to the understanding of the distribution and characteristics of farming systems at regional level within new MSs, will identify the key drivers determining the adoption of/change to sustainable farming systems, and will assess their contribution to meeting agricultural sustainability goals.

The research will also evaluate the impact of adoption of sustainable farming practices at the level of production output, costs, agricultural income, employment, and environment.


This report presents the main results of the study: "Sustainable Farming Systems in the New Member States. Summary Report", available at:


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