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AGRILIFE- Agriculture and life sciences in the economy
SUSTAG - Sustainable Agriculture


The aim of the study is to describe the main types of local food systems / short food supply chains within the EU, from the qualitative and, where possible, quantitative standpoints, as well as the main socio-economic impacts of the different systems/chains on the agricultural sector and the rural economies. The overall objective is to gather evidences justifying (or not) for an EU-level action, in particular in terms of possible future quality policy instrument.


The specific objectives are:

- analytical inventory of the existing schemes in the EU (and illustratively out of the EU): producers-consumers partnerships; direct sales by individual farmers to consumers; producers' direct sales through collective marketing mechanisms; single intermediary schemes: specialist shops and large retailers selling local products to consumers (e.g. retailers local sourcing strategies);


- comparative assessment of their characteristics and their respective impacts on different stakeholders (in particular small-scale producers);


- in support of the mainly qualitative approach described above, some more detailed and more precisely quantified case studies should be carried out on specific schemes for determined area and/or products.

Short Food Supply Chains Final Report (2013)

Database of SFSC schemes


Fabien Santini, Sergio Gomez y Paloma
Joint Research Centre